Creating Molten Lava Drape Lapel Jacket

The process of assembling a collection of “scraps” of fabric, in this case all the same colorway, but different prints, all bold, big prints. So much color!! What fun to reassemble the scraps into the new fabric, letting them arrange themselves before my eyes. Such a pleasure..

A definitive moment is when the new fabric is pressed with a steam iron, carefully to define the seams and make it all one.  Transformation Time!

The new, unified fabric is enjoyed and moved about on the table until it says, “MMMmmm….  Drape Lapel Jacket, please.” 

Then to cut out a new, unique garment, one-of-a-kind, from this new fabric.  Choosing where to put each pattern piece creates the design of the Drape Lapel Jacket:

This back view (above) displays the patterns clearly, while the soft foldings of the sleeves and draped lapel defy straight lines:

This rediscovery of the fabric is another little revelation; it’s full of surprises as it become 3D…



Then, when it’s worn, and the wearer moves in it, it dances.  xoxo Peg




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