Cindy’s Mother of the Bride Ensemble

Cindy’s Mother of the Bride Ensemble

Where I live: Texas – USA
What I purchased: Black silk jacquard Mandarin Coat, Beaded Silk Long Kimono and Custom necklaces for Each
My facebook page: Visit me on Facebook. I am a Peggy Lutz fan“It was a beautiful wedding! Anything that could go wrong, did not!!
I will send photos including me in my MOB ensemble as soon as I have them.
Mike & I are taking a fairly spontaneous holiday Hawaii cruise (coinciding with their honeymoon). They will be gone to Paris and Switzerland over Christmas and New Year’s so we are taking our own trip!
Thanks for everything.   Let’s talk in the new year.”

Hi Peggy,

My only child, Amanda is getting married Saturday, November 27th, Thanksgiving weekend. I would like to visit your workshop in Santa Rosa in late August and have a Mother of the Bride dress designed.

I really don’t have anything particular in mind. Amanda is wearing a white strapless gown and her bridesmaids will be wearing chocolate brown dresses of their own choosing.

It will be an outdoor wedding at sunset at an old Victorian house in Austin, Barr Mansion, with a reception to follow in their Artisan Ballroom.

Please let me know the process and the time frame I need to honor.

Thank you.

Cindy McFarland

Hi Dear Cindy:

Hope y’all are having a wonderful summer and looking forward to the wedding in November!

We’re busy and happy here, creating yet more gorgeous ensembles for fall and winter.

If you’d like to come up for a consultation, I suggest we start planning that now, so you can relax and enjoy the process. My genius Patternmaker/Co-Designer, Charlotte Bird, is booked through August 20th, so as soon as you can come after that would be great. The three of us can collaborate, Charlotte will measure you, I’ll take a couple of photos and we’re off!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

xoxo, PEG

Hi Peg,

Still in Paris. Home on Sunday.

Amanda has asked me to walk her down the aisle with her Dad. He will be wearing a black tuxedo. She will be wearing a strapless gown in “diamonte white”. Mike is 6’5″ and Amanda is about 5’9″ and a size 6.

Since I am 5’3″ and 200 pounds I am concerned I will look like a menopausal dwarf!

I will bring the tiny square of bridesmaid fabric I have when I see you.

I like the idea of a coat over a dress. Since I will be walking down the aisle with her I want to accent her.

Thanks, Peggy.


Hi Dearest Cindy:

There’s a very special box en route to you; it will arrive on Wednesday: 2 Wedding Jackets, 1 Black stretch silk double georgette Slip Dress, altered black top, 3 pair of pants, Everything is there except the white will follow as soon as I locate the right fabric.

I took photos all along the way, especially of Charlotte making the necklaces. We both had a great time creating these pieces. I’ll email you some jpgs. I started a story on Facebook called “Cindy’s Pearls” but kept your name confidential, of course. Take a look at the Peggy Lutz Plus Facebook Page and let me know how you like “Cindy’s Pearls” so far..I’ll add more to it soon, showing Charlotte making the necklaces and making paper boxes for each one! Each is nestled on a bed of the same fabric as the jacket it goes with.

Hope you love them all..let me know,


Dear Peggy,

My family is referring to me as “Princess”.
I LOVE the necklaces. They are so beautiful!!!
I will be staging another fashion show when Mike comes home this evening but Amanda and I are thrilled.
Thanks so much.


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