Gale Odom

GaleOdom1I have a performance with the Shreveport Symphony for their Christmas Pops concert here on December 18.  I am looking for something Christmas-y.  I am thinking I would like to get some pants and a top from you, and then have a light, floating jacket.  Don’t know whether the jacket style should be lapel jacket or kimono, but I am thinking shorter, and I really like this jacket look:

I also like to wear great necklaces with my performing dresses, and I am wondering whether you could make me a slither top with the same neckline as the Juliet dress?  I am currently your size medium.

So, my request is:
1.       Slither pants (in black?)
2.       Slither top (in black?  Possibly with custom neckline?)
3.       Jacket: something in the burgundy or green families, maybe, and MUST catch the light onstage.  Any fabric swatches you would like to suggest would be great. I can also do with all black, and have never bought one of the sparkle slithers, so perhaps I should consider that, too.

Attached (and I hope they all come through) are a variety of pictures of me in Peg Lutz creations over the past three years.

Thank you!
Gale Odom

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