Helen Greton, Scotland, U.K.

Helen Greton, Scotland, U.K.

Good Morning Helen!

Thanks so much for your first order with us and also for all the details and information in your email, which facilitate collaboration. I’ll move through your email with my responses in blue.

I’ve made up my mind and ordered a Drape Lapel Jacket in Handpainted Navy Silk Crepe, SKU: 00126 T149 in size S.

We’ll cut and sew this jacket immediately.  A brilliant choice. It’s brand new on the site and is lightweight, unique, and a wonderful bargain.  Would you like a Slither Slip Dress to wear underneath it?
I may also want to order a Kimono in Naturals Ombre with Tiny Gold Rings – SKU: 00143 1AB.  3/4 sleeves often suit me well.
Am open to expert opinion!

Now I’ve had time to browse the options thoroughly I’ve seen so many possibilities – no wonder you invited me to ask questions. Still, I need to be decisive, as I’m hoping to be ready to travel to a wedding by August 9 so I’ll try to get my queries down to a reasonable number. I love the overall look but wonder if it would work for me.

1. Is the kimono fabric silk?
The Naturals Ombre with Tiny Gold Loops is not silk, but rather a rayon/polyester blend.  This does not, however, detract from its appeal as it looks and feels quite luxe.

I will go with the naturals ombre, please.

2. Are there any other fabrics pictured on your site that I should consider if I’m looking for fairly lightweight natural/creamy/brownish shades?
I love your watercolour-like, impressionistic fabrics with drifting colour – and also like embroidery with touches of colour on a neutral  background.

You might consider a Short Kimono in Copper/Chocolate Floral Tinsel Burnout.  It is a silk blend, is very lightweight and would look  terrific over black or shades of brown and copper.

3. Can’t decide whether to try a slither Slip Dress (ankle length).

A Slip Dress would work very well and be cool and comfy under the lightweight and breezy jacket.. A Slip Dress would be preferable for your figure type since it has princess seams that give more definition to your body.

I’d like to order the slip dress in navy with a straight neckline, but I just can’t make up my mind about the browns and may end up having to choose something at this end.
As ever, a big thank you – Helen

There’s one more measurement we’ll need to make your Slip Dress the right length:  please have someone measure for you from under your arm, just above your bra (where the Slip Dress will start) down the side of your body to just below your ankle bone.

This will ensure the dress skims the top of your foot; the ideal length for a slither Slip Dress.

If I were choosing a color to wear beneath the naturals ombre with gold rings, I’d definitely choose the HONEY BROWN.  It’s perfect with this fabric, as you can see on the model.  I mentioned chocolate only because you asked for options, but the honey brown is the perfect shade and keeps it more on the summery side than the deep chocolate.

Hi Margot:  The length you asked for is 44 and a quarter inches – from the top of the bra sidepiece to just under ankle bone. Hope that’s what you need.
Thanks again for your help.  All the best – Helen

Dear Margot:  The clothes are fabulous – they fit and hang well and the fabrics are lovely. Apologies for not saying so sooner – I have no excuse but inefficiency with email.

Working with you has been a very good experience and I love both my jackets.

I really want to say a big thank-you for the attention and expert help you’re giving me on this.

Best wishes – Helen

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