Jean Robinson

Jean Robinson

Dear Peggy,


Here is a photo of us at my daughter’s wedding on May 7.  I absolutely love the ensemble that you created for me, and felt like the Royal Mum! I don’t know how you and your staff do it, but when it arrived and I tried it on, the jacket and dress were a PERFECT fit. I received many compliments! This will be something I will wear as often as possible.

Many women asked me where I found what I was wearing, and I explained that I could not find anything really nice to wear that would fit me. I happily discovered you online. I told them how we went about creating the first ensemble; sending you measurements, selecting the fabric from all those samples, creating the pattern, trying the muslin workup on, sending you a photo of me wearing it, and making suggestions to adjust it for a proper fit.

I will admit I was very nervous about having a dress made 3,000 miles from where I live, sight unseen, but I was thrilled with how the finished garment looked and fit.

Love and kisses to you and your staff.


Jean loved it so much, she ordered another ensemble for the next big family wedding..


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