Julie Zimmerman

Julie Zimmerman

JulieZimmerman.jpgWhere I live: Colorado, USA

“Dear Peggy,

The Coco jacket is a dream come true!! The fit was perfect, so I was comfortable and confident. This was my first couture jacket, a major investment and I’m more than happy. You really met all my specifications and the fabric we finally chose from the swatches you sent really looked great under the lights. The added crystals gave it that extra something; thanks for suggesting those. Yes, I felt more relaxed knowing I looked great. I could focus on the business at hand with no worries. We didn’t win, but just being asked to participate was a big honor and the event was thrilling.

Thanks again for all your help in making this for me in a very short time and beautifully too!

Keep up the good work.”


Interview of  Julie Zimmerman

What was the special occasion you came to us for?
2009 Select Quarter Horse show, world class, looking for a jacket also world class really upscale

How did you find out about Peggy Lutz?
Went online and searched for clothes and looked for something more couture used word plus size

Did you have an initial hesitation about purchasing such an important item online?
I did, but I felt like the questions that were asked, the willingness to send samples and made the process very easy.

What were your concerns?
Being late!  But you website is very professional, very easy to maneuver and gave me confidence I would not be scammed.

What made you go ahead and order?
Feeling confident, looked at several sites, but just from the quality knew this was what I was looking for.  It wasn’t the same on other sites

How was the process for you?
Simple. The toughest part was getting  measured.  A lady helped me,  printed out your sheet on how to measure. A major catalyst was the fact that you send samples.  I could see the kind of fabric, how it was going to be structured,  tailored based on my colors and put on some extra bling.

I’m going to be showing in Showmanship and will wear this jacket again. I have another horse I’m working, likely later this fall or early winter.

Were you satisfied with the results?
Absolutely..to me it was more beautiful than I expected.

How did you feel wearing the jacket?
Very glamorous and like I really fit with the rest of the group  — 20 other people_– with horses 100X more costly and very high-end outfits. I fit right in.  The main thing I liked the fabric was very lightweight. Texas is very hot in late August   I felt very goo, it made me feel confident.

Qualified, didn’t make finals, but had an exceedingly good go…  it’s experience I’m after. I’m going to try again… I can hardly wait get to back out there.

Would you order again from Peggy Lutz?
Yes, in fact I did..I ordered three other jackets for work.

Would you recommend Peggy Lutz to your friends?
And I have..

Would you be interested in our refer-a-friend program?

I really appreciate the extra mile you folks went to get me ready.!

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