Quickie Love Fests

Quickie Love Fests

Dear Margot,

I received the dress yesterday, as promised, and it fits perfectly. Thank
you very much.

Rose O, Montclair, NJ

Hi Peg,

I definitely look forward to new delights from my Clothing Goddess. I love every single item I’ve ordered from your shop and have found them to be most versatile. I look forward to many more happy purchases in the future.

Nikki, LA, CA

This Skirt..

Who knew from the picture that it would have pearls and tiny flowers all over it? If I were five, I would want my dolly to have one, too. I tried it on, floated around for awhile, and then realized I would have to crawl into a sweater and jeans and head off to work.
SD, New York

Hello Peg,

The cruise was great, the Juliette dress was great and I’m just re-entering the real world. Thanks so much for adding to my wonderful trip. The customer service has been incredible!

Thanks again,
Deb R.

Aleksandra L-H, Mexico


Just got back from Guadalajara to find a Fedex package with my new kimono waiting for me on the kitchen counter! And, it is beautiful! Well worth the price, taxes, duties and multiple phone calls.

Thank you so much. I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my pudgy girlfriends, here and in the states.

Take care, Aleks

I received my two tops and I’m actually wearing one now, thanks so much!!! They are lovely and so comfortable!
Thanks for everything….wishing you a great year:)

Michelle Jadaa


Just to let you know that I received the dress right after I received your email.. I love it, it is very comfortable and perfect for what I need.
Thanks so much for your prompt response,

Pattie Condon

I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE both tops I ordered and received yesterday. They fit very nicely.
Thank You again for your fast service as well. – Michele


Got my package – all fit and all are perfect – they are beautiful additions to my professional wardrobe.

Julie Zimmerman, Avid Horsewoman

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