Sonia Kraus, Germany

Sonia Kraus, Germany

Dear Peggy,
In 2008 my maid of honor and I came to your show room in Santa Rosa and
shopped for a wedding dress. It was a beautiful dress (and another
ensemble for daytime entertaining) and we had a great wedding celebration
in Berlin/Germany. I had wanted to send you pictures for a long time, but
we moved and somehow life got in the way of things.

Also, I am still very fond of the Drape Lapel Coat Silver Metallic Lace in
a size S and wonder if you think it would go well with the Tee Dress Black
Slither? I have lost quite some weight since, but you might want to check
with my previous sizing if a size M or S would be a better fit. Let me
know and I will place a proper order asap.

Thanking you in advance and with fond memories,

Hi Dear Sonya:

Thanks so much for your email and your very kind words!

It’s great to hear from you again and I would ADORE to have some shots of you in the wedding ensembles.

When you were in the Showroom you purchased items in our size Medium.  The Size Small Drape Lapel Coat in silver metallic lace would certainly work well with a black slither Tee Dress and will fit you just fine.

After you place your order, do follow up with your current measurements so we can assure you a good fit on the dress.

Let me know how I can assist further,

xoxoxoxo PEG

Hi Dear Sonya:

Thanks so much for your email and the lovely photos!  What a delight to see you and your husband, friends and family at the wedding.  I love so being a small part of these very special occasions.

Hi Peg,

Thanks again for the swift and easy ordering process..I’m sure I’ll love this one as much as the others,

Much love,

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