Stephanie L, South Carolina

Stephanie L, South Carolina

DLCoatRainbow1Hello Peggy,
I received my ensemble this week and it is beautiful. I’ll have the slip dress hemmed and a few other small alterations. However, bolero is perfect.

Here is my dilemma. I am afraid the bolero might be too heavy for the ceremony and I want to know if you can make me another jacket in a lighter material for the ceremony and then I will dazzle the guests when I change into the beaded bolero for the reception.

I will need a material that will match my gown perhaps one of the Italian or French fabrics?? I think I would like it to be a see-through fabric which will drape in the front, cover my arms and butt.

Do we have time ? The wedding is June 27 I love my outfit and just do not want to be overheated as it will be very hot outdoors. Stephanie L.

We created this Drape Lapel Coat for Stephanie from Bianchini-Ferier’s Handpainted Rainbow Gold-Shot Silk.. She was very happy.

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