Dressy Kimono Jacket Artwear Rose Silver Turquoise Size 30/32


Dressy Kimono Jacket Artwear Rose Silver Turquoise Size 26/28, 30/32:  Salt-dyed silk panels by Joslin are the inspiration for our wearable art Kimono Jacket.   

Unique look for plus size dressy special occasions in cooling, even frosty colors of white, silver, blues, turquoises, warmed with rose.  Marvelous collage of textures:  soft white pleated silk cotton and icy tones of shining blue leaves or petals take the high notes.  Gorgeous Joslin salt-dyed silk turquoise to deep teal enriched by hot pinks and deep roses jewels of burnt salt is the focal fabric throughout.    

Price here is for the jacket.  Consult with us to create a simple dress or separates to complete your ensemble.

A Limited Edition of 1 in our Size 30/32.

For the best fit:  We find that a generous, flexible fitting garment and a good, local alterations person are invaluable!  Plus-size bodies vary so much.

Each jacket is actually one-of-a-kind since hand-painted elements always vary slightly, are always unique.



Size XS (14/16) Bust 52.75″, Hips 55″ Length 35.5″, Upper Arm 22.75″

Size S (18/20) Bust 56″, Hips 57.75″, Length 36.25″, Upper Arm 23.75″

Size M (22/24) Bust 61.5″, Hips 64.5″, Length 36.75″, Upper Arm 25″

Size L (26/28) Bust 64″, Hips 66″ Length 37″, Upper Arm 26″

Size 1X (30/32) Bust 69.5″, Hips 70,75″, Length 37.5″, Upper Arm 27.5″

Size 2X (34/36) Bust 72″, Hips 72.75″, Length 37.5″, Upper Arm 28.5″

LENGTH is measured from crest of shoulder down over apex of breast to hem

All of our garments are easy to alter as they are created from simple styles developed over my 30 year career as a plus size couturier, working directly with clients of all shapes and sizes. Perfect for all figure types.

Enjoy, xoxo PEG

Consult with us regarding sizing, length, coordinating separates and dresses, meeting your deadlines.