Plus Size Special Occasion Kimono Jacket Japanese Jeanne Marc Satin Red Gold Mauve 22/24


Plus Size Kimono Jacket Vintage Jeanne-Marc Satin Panels Red Gold Mauve 22/24:  Fully lined yet lightweight and great traveller!  Created in our studio from vintage Jeanne-Marc satins designed and made in Japan.  I purchased these from them as they were vacating their San Francisco studio, moving production to Japan.

This unique vintage piece is fully lined in dark red satin; cuffs and bands are the same.

This Kimono measures Bust 59″, Hip 59.5″, Length 37.5″ Length is measured from crest of shoulder know over apex of breast to hemline.  Your measurements should allow for plenty of wearing ease.  If you’re in doubt, simply send your measurements to me.

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