Plus Size Special Occasion Coat Burgundy Blue Gold Art

Plus Size Occasion Coat Burgundy Blue Gold Sage Wearable Art Size 22/24: Artwear Drape Coat, “Butterflies” by Charlotte Bird. Created in our Santa Rosa Workshop from vintage fabric collection.

Watching Charlotte curate fabrics for a project is always a pleasure:  The focal pieces are the large butterfly prints, everything comes from them: colors, textures, placement.  Pieces of color enhance one another, reach out and make alliances across the landscape.   Spreading it all out on the Big Table at once gives Charlotte the lay of the land.  She plans what the center back focal point motif will be and moves out from there, carefully balancing all the elements.

Once the new fabrics are completed and pressed, they are ready to be laid out and cut.  Keeping the grain straight is imperative so the finished garment will hang evenly.  

The coat is assembled by sewing and two dimensions become three as the colors take the shape of the body beneath them. The finished coat echos Charlotte’s early adulthood living in Japan.  There is propriety about it as well as an ordered chaos. 

Charlotte is fearless in her choices, never choosing the obvious,, never holding back.  Her brilliant color sense finds satisfaction for itself in the brilliants she balances here.  This coat is on the move.  

This Drape Lapel Coat Size M (22/24) Measures:
Bust 55″ Hips 68″ Length (shoulder over bust to hem) 49″ Upper Arm 24″

This coat could easily be made a size larger by addition of more fabric pieces.  xoxoPeg

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